The upcoming Paldea Evolved expansion is already causing quite a stir. 

With the recent Scarlet & Violet series, we saw the return of Pokemon ex cards and more iconic Holo cards that we all love. Paldea Evolved will be its first English-language expansion, set to bring even more exciting features and fantastic cards to the game. (The Japanese version has since released three sets, Triplet Beat, Clay Burst, and Snow Hazard, which combine to form Paldea Evolved).

There's been quite a buzz around this one card in particular, and we're itching to share the details. But first, let's check out 5 amazing cards from the Paldea Evolved Set that have us counting down the days until their release.

#5 - Boss’s Orders Special Illustration Rare

While its effect may seem straightforward, Boss's Orders has the power to throw a wrench in any plans to rescue a Pokemon from harm's way. It's certainly a strategic game-changer that can shift the tide of battles in your favour, but it’s also just a cool alternative art card to have in your collection.

Since its debut in the Rebel Clash expansion in 2020, this card has showcased the leaders of Pokemon's notorious villainous Teams. Now, in Paldea Evolved, we have the opportunity to witness the calculating Ghetsis of Team Plasma (Pokemon Black & White) deep in thought as he manipulates his chess pieces on a map.

4. Orthworm Illustration Rare

With the ability to surge to an impressive 230 HP (when paired with Shoot Through) and unleash a terrifying attack, Orthworm is one of the newer Pokemons to watch out for. 

Opinions vary on its impact – some have called it mediocre – but the artwork is undoubtedly spectacular, featuring two majestic orthworms leaping out of the vast Paldean desert. Renowned card designer Okacheke, acclaimed for the Special Illustration Rare Penny from SV's base set, continues to captivate with exquisite artwork that collectors are sure to love.

3. Tyranitar Illustration Rare

First appearing in the Japanese Clay Burst set, the Tyranitar Illustration Rare card captures the pokemon’s imposing presence, reminiscent of a legendary giant monster, standing tall amidst a vibrant orange sky. 

This Rock/Dark-type is a treasure for collectors and a fearsome weapon for strategic players. Its tremendous scale perfectly complements its devastating might, capable of dealing a whopping 230 points of damage. But power comes at a cost—you’ll have to sacrifice the top four cards from your deck if you want to wield it.

2. Meowscarada ex

Perched gracefully on a tree, Meowscarda overlooks a vibrant town, captivating collectors with its animated colours and intricate details. This card is a testament to the artistic mastery behind the Pokémon TCG, offering a feast for the eyes and a standout addition to any collection.

But Meowscarda ex isn’t just a work of art, it also packs a powerful punch in-game. With the Bouquet Magic ability, you can strategically place three damage counters on your opponent's benched Pokémon during your turn. This clever tactic weakens their team before you unleash the devastating Scratching Nails attack, and building a deck on this ex card already looks to be a robust strategic move.

1. Iono Special Illustration Rare

Alright, folks, let's dive into the card that's got everyone talking. At this point, it’s pretty predictable for adorable female characters to gain soaring demand, but Iono defies expectations. Forget the bubbly, feminine stereotype that has players driving the prices up and breaking the bank. This card breaks the mold with the trainer’s fierce and frankly menacing aura.

Its popularity was enough, in fact, to prompt The Pokemon Company to rush printing more copies just to meet demand. Initially released as part of the Japanese Clay Set, the Special Illustration Rare of Iono had once cost 198,000 Yen (that’s over $1,425). Even now, the card continues to be a hot commodity, fetching prices well above $1,000 on the online marketplace.

While the English version may not reach the same astronomical prices, it's still expected to be a highly coveted card, likely reaching upwards of $300 for those who were able to order the Build & Battle pre-release boxes.

The Paldea Evolved set arrives June 9, 2023.