For many in community YouTubers have been a vital resource to turn to for the latest news, reviews and overall Pokémon content that we crave. At Titan Cards we aren’t any different, so in no particular order, here are some of the best Pokémon youtubers that we think you should subscribe to. 


 Frosted Caribou

Also known as Bou, is the go to girl for Pokémon opinions. We feel she is a trail blazer for other girls and women who enjoy collecting Pokémon, although Pokémon or other TCG’s are stereotypically male dominant, Bou is turning this on its head. As well as a collector and reviewer, Bou also competes in Pokémon tournaments, which she has a unique backpack for, including items such as her tournament decks, play mat and business cards which feature her very own Pokémon anime of herself. We especially like the environment in which her videos are set. The room is very creative and artistic, it is perfect visually and has a calming atmosphere to it, not messy at all and just enough Pokémon hints placed tastefully around the room. 

Here is a link if you wish to subscribe to Frosted Caribou’s channel:



Real name Lee, is a veteran in the Pokémon universe. Lee has been collector of the hobby since the very beginning and his knowledge is second to none. Lee is a voice over actor by trade and therefore you can expect him to grab your attention when watching his channel. With 1.46 million subscribers he is by far one of the most popular influencers in the business. One thing that Leonhart can guarantee you is content, with over 1900 videos posted and around 3+ videos a week this is the perfect time to join the “Hart Squad”.

Head over to Leonhart’s YouTube channel to subscribe: 


Randolph Pokemon.

Now Randolph may be the most influential Pokémon YouTuber for Titan Cards, this is due to Randolph not only being UK based but also owning his own TCG online store. Randolph is relatable to us as he understands the logistics of running a business, the demand it creates and we have the upmost respect for him on this basis. We are also excited for the launch of his new creation- ACE Grading and are looking to see this unfold as a new grading service that is more accessible to patrons here in the UK. On top of all of this he also has time to commit to his music and becoming a well-established rap artist. 

His YouTube channel can be found via this link: 



Also know as Nate. Now every time we watch Nate’s videos, he makes us smile. He has so much positive energy which frankly us brits need in our lives. Nate has been a YouTuber since 2014 and with over 126 million views is up there with some of the most popular Pokémon enthusiasts. Many of Nate’s videos feature his wife, Marie who in our opinion adds an extra element to the channel and reaches a wider audience.

Check out RealbreakingNate here: 



Jake joined the world of YouTube in 2019 and within those 2 years he’s managed to land over 5million views. Through his hobby of collecting and selling he has been able to purchase property, thus emphasising the investment opportunities that Pokémon TCG can bring. Jake has some great discussions on the latest products and news from the world of Pokémon, as well as question and answer segments. We feel his opinions are valid and honest, which is a great attribute because who needs someone who thinks all Pokémon sets and products are on par. There needs to be rarer, more valuable sets in order to keep interest in the hobby and Jake is an advocate for this.

To hear Jake’s content, click the link below:


Which leaves me to announce some exciting news, Titan Cards will soon be airing our very own YouTube Channel, Titan Talks, where will be promoting our online store, be opening Pokémon products and giving you our opinion and the latest news in the world of Pokémon! Be sure to check it out when it drops later in the year!