Tapu Lele GX to be included in new Island Guardians GX Premium Collection this Autumn!

Posted by Titan Cards 23/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

Something unthinkable has happened, the price of Tapu Lele GX will soon be seeing a dramatic decline!


We have received an exclusive image of the upcoming Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection, and it appears that one of the promo cards included with it will be an alternate art promo of Tapu Lele GX. This collection is scheduled for an Autumn release in both the states and Europe.


Whats in the box you ask? well, in Europe here is what we're expecting:-

  • A Tapu Lele-GX Promo Card with alternate art + A Jumbo/Oversized version of the same
  • A Tapu Fini-GX Promo Card with alternate art
  • Five Sun & Moon series booster packs


It's said that the U.S release of this box may replace the jumbo card with a figurine or a collectable Flipping Coin.


The artwork we recieved also shows some booster pack art featuring Lugia and Blacephalon who will both be present in the yet to be named English set to come, the set will be based on the Japanese SM8 Explosive Impact set in which Lugia and Blacephalon will both feature as GX's.