Here is Titan Cards’ two week post release review of Shining Fates. This article will reveal if our predictions of the most valuable cards were on point and where we fell short. We will also be publishing the full confirmed set list along with our opinion of the expansion overall, including the current confirmed top 5 most valuable cards.

Let’s start with the predictions we got catastrophically wrong, the ones that weren’t included in the set. You can find them here on our previous article Shining Fates- Our Predicted Top 5 Most Valuable Cards!

Zacian V and Zamazenta V- Black and Gold Cards!
Nooooooooo. To say we are disappointed would be an understatement. Our favourite brother and sister pairing is not included in the Shining Fates set. They do feature in the artwork of the Rusted Sword & Rusted Shield trainer cards, but it looks as though these were kept exclusive for the Japanese set- Shiny Star V. We think the reason being they were set to be released in the Zacian & Zamazenta ultimate premium collection boxes which were due to us in November 2020; for some reason they failed to make an appearance at the UK distributors. 

Marnie Full Art Trainer Card 
Despite appearing in the Shiny Star V set, Marnie has not made an appearance in the West for Shining Fates. Although we feel this is a shame as Marnie is a fan favourite within the Pokémon Universe, we do not think this will be the last we see of this gothic girlie this year. 

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s focus on informing you on Shining Fates- post release. As anticipated, this has been an extremely popular expansion and allocation to stockists were minimal. Just to give you a little insight, Titan Cards were given just 20 Shining Fates ETB’s on its first allocation and therefore sold out within the first hour of stocking our website. We even heard stories of people fighting for it in Target stores in the US, crazy right?! But fear not you can still purchase Shining Fates products on our website and be sure to check in regularly as we add more in the weeks to come.

Which leads me to the current Top 5 most valuable cards of Shining Fates. There are a number of cards of around the same value so we will be showcasing our favourites as well as the most likely to increase in value over time. Please note our prices may increase/decrease on occasion due to demand and rarity of the product. That being said let’s take a look:

Number 5- Shiny Ditto VMAX
As predicted in our previous article Shiny Ditto VMAX comes in at number 5. The current value of this card is around 39.99GBP. We are delighted this card made the set list of Shining Fates and will be looking forward to the return of a PSA graded version of this beauty. 

Number 4- Skyla Ultra Rare Full Art
Not the trainer we predicted, however, a fan fact about Skyla is that she is a bubbly and outgoing type of trainer, she enjoys a good battle and meeting others. Even in close defeat she still remains optimistic whether she wins or loses. 39.99GBP is the approximate value of this cargo jet pilot. 

Number 3- Eternatus V Black and Gold
Another similar entry that mirrors our previous prediction. Eternatus V Black and Gold Card. Retailing around 79.99GBP.

Number 2- Eternatus VMAX Black and Gold
In at number 2 is Eternatus VMAX Black and Gold just edging its partner card in terms of monetary value. 94.99GBP is approximately what you’ll need to part with to own this card.

Number 1- Charizard VMAX Shiny Rare
Finally, our number one, and no surprise here, as predicted the Shiny Rare Charizard VMAX! Coming in at a whopping 299.99! We have seen online sellers retailing this card at a much higher price. So far, we currently have one Charziard VMAX that will be travelling overseas to be graded by PSA via Graded Gem. Here’s hoping for a 10. However, with the popularity of graded cards gaining momentum it will be many, many months before we see its return.

Our top 5 most valuable cards from Shining Fates from left (5th) to right (1st).

A full set list for Shining Fates including Shiny Vault cards can be found below. Alternatively, you can head over to our Shining Fates category to browse the cards we currently have in stock.

Card Name Number Rarity
Yanma 001/072 Common
Yanmega 002/072 Rare
Celebi 003/072 Rare
Cacnea 004/072 Common
Tropius 005/072 Uncommon
Rowlet 006/072 Common
Dartrix 007/072 Uncommon
Decidueye 008/072 Rare Holo
DhelmiseV 009/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
DhelmiseVMAX 010/072 Rare VMAX
Grookey 011/072 Common
Thwackey 012/072 Uncommon
Rillaboom 013/072 Rare Holo
Gossifleur 014/072 Common
Eldegoss 015/072 Uncommon
Zarude 016/072 Rare
Reshiram 017/072 A
CinderaceV 018/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
CinderaceVMAX 019/072 Rare VMAX
Horsea 020/072 Common
Kyogre 021/072 A
Buizel 022/072 Common
Floatzel 023/072 Uncommon
Manaphy 024/072 Rare
Volcanion 025/072 Rare
Chewtle 026/072 Common
Drednaw 027/072 Rare
Cramorant 028/072 Uncommon
Snom 029/072 Common
Frosmoth 030/072 Rare Holo
Shinx 031/072 Common
Luxio 032/072 Uncommon
Luxray 033/072 Rare Holo
Rotom 034/072 Uncommon
Morpeko 035/072 Common
Morpeko 036/072 Common
MorpekoV 037/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
MorpekoVMAX 038/072 Rare VMAX
IndeedeeV 039/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
Trapinch 040/072 Common
Koffing 041/072 Common
Galarian Weezing 042/072 Rare Holo
Spinarak 043/072 Common
CrobatV 044/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
CrobatVMAX 045/072 Rare VMAX
Yveltal 046/072 A
Nickit 047/072 Common
Thievul 048/072 Rare Holo
Cufant 049/072 Common
DittoV 050/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
DittoVMAX 051/072 Rare VMAX
Eevee 052/072 Common
GreedentV 053/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
CramorantV 054/072 Ultra-Rare Rare
CramorantVMAX 055/072 Rare VMAX
Indeedee 056/072 Rare Holo
Ball Guy 057/072 Uncommon
Boss's Orders 058/072 Rare
Gym Trainer 059/072 Uncommon
Professor's Research 060/072 Rare
Rusted Shield 061/072 Uncommon
Rusted Sword 062/072 Uncommon
Team Yell Towel 063/072 Uncommon
AlcremieV 064/072 Rare Ultra
Ball Guy 065/072 Rare Ultra
Bird Keeper 066/072 Rare Ultra
Cara Liss 067/072 Rare Ultra
Gym Trainer 068/072 Rare Ultra
Piers 069/072 Rare Ultra
Poké Kid 070/072 Rare Ultra
Rose 071/072 Rare Ultra
Skyla 072/072 Rare Ultra
AlcremieVMAX 073/072 Rare Rainbow
Rowlet SV001/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dartrix SV002/SV122 Rare Shiny
Decidueye SV003/SV122 Rare Shiny
Grookey SV004/SV122 Rare Shiny
Thwackey SV005/SV122 Rare Shiny
Rillaboom SV006/SV122 Rare Shiny
Blipbug SV007/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dottler SV008/SV122 Rare Shiny
Orbeetle SV009/SV122 Rare Shiny
Gossifleur SV010/SV122 Rare Shiny
Eldegoss SV011/SV122 Rare Shiny
Applin SV012/SV122 Rare Shiny
Flapple SV013/SV122 Rare Shiny
Appletun SV014/SV122 Rare Shiny
Scorbunny SV015/SV122 Rare Shiny
Raboot SV016/SV122 Rare Shiny
Cinderace SV017/SV122 Rare Shiny
Sizzlipede SV018/SV122 Rare Shiny
Centiskorch SV019/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Mr. Mime SV020/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Mr. Rime SV021/SV122 Rare Shiny
Suicune SV022/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Darumaka SV023/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Darmanitan SV024/SV122 Rare Shiny
Sobble SV025/SV122 Rare Shiny
Drizzile SV026/SV122 Rare Shiny
Inteleon SV027/SV122 Rare Shiny
Chewtle SV028/SV122 Rare Shiny
Drednaw SV029/SV122 Rare Shiny
Cramorant SV030/SV122 Rare Shiny
Arrokuda SV031/SV122 Rare Shiny
Barraskewda SV032/SV122 Rare Shiny
Snom SV033/SV122 Rare Shiny
Frosmoth SV034/SV122 Rare Shiny
Eiscue SV035/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dracovish SV036/SV122 Rare Shiny
Arctovish SV037/SV122 Rare Shiny
Rotom SV038/SV122 Rare Shiny
Yamper SV039/SV122 Rare Shiny
Boltund SV040/SV122 Rare Shiny
Toxel SV041/SV122 Rare Shiny
Toxtricity SV042/SV122 Rare Shiny
Pincurchin SV043/SV122 Rare Shiny
Morpeko SV044/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dracozolt SV045/SV122 Rare Shiny
Arctozolt SV046/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Ponyta SV047/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Rapidash SV048/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Corsola SV049/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Cursola SV050/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dedenne SV051/SV122 Rare Shiny
Sinistea SV052/SV122 Rare Shiny
Polteageist SV053/SV122 Rare Shiny
Hatenna SV054/SV122 Rare Shiny
Hattrem SV055/SV122 Rare Shiny
Hatternee SV056/SV122 Rare Shiny
Milcery SV057/SV122 Rare Shiny
Alcremie SV058/SV122 Rare Shiny
Indeedee SV059/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dreepy SV060/SV122 Rare Shiny
Drakloak SV061/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dragapult SV062/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Farfetch'd SV063/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Sirfetch'd SV064/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Yamask SV065/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Runerigus SV066/SV122 Rare Shiny
Rolycoly SV067/SV122 Rare Shiny
Carkol SV068/SV122 Rare Shiny
Coalossal SV069/SV122 Rare Shiny
Silicobra SV070/SV122 Rare Shiny
Sandaconda SV071/SV122 Rare Shiny
Clobbopus SV072/SV122 Rare Shiny
Grapploct SV073/SV122 Rare Shiny
Falinks SV074/SV122 Rare Shiny
Stonjourner SV075/SV122 Rare Shiny
Koffing SV076/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Weezing SV077/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Zigzagoon SV078/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Linoone SV079/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Obstagoon SV080/SV122 Rare Shiny
Nickit SV081/SV122 Rare Shiny
Thievul SV082/SV122 Rare Shiny
Impadimp SV083/SV122 Rare Shiny
Morgrem SV084/SV122 Rare Shiny
Grimmsnarl SV085/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Meowth SV086/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Perrserker SV087/SV122 Rare Shiny
Galarian Stunfisk SV088/SV122 Rare Shiny
Corviknight SV089/SV122 Rare Shiny
Cufant SV090/SV122 Rare Shiny
Copperajah SV091/SV122 Rare Shiny
Duraludon SV092/SV122 Rare Shiny
Minccino SV093/SV122 Rare Shiny
Cinccino SV094/SV122 Rare Shiny
Ducklett SV095/SV122 Rare Shiny
Swanna SV096/SV122 Rare Shiny
Bunnelby SV097/SV122 Rare Shiny
Oranguru SV098/SV122 Rare Shiny
Skwovet SV099/SV122 Rare Shiny
Greedent SV100/SV122 Rare Shiny
Rookidee SV101/SV122 Rare Shiny
Corvisquire SV102/SV122 Rare Shiny
Wooloo SV103/SV122 Rare Shiny
Dubwool SV104/SV122 Rare Shiny
RillaboomV SV105/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
RillaboomVMAX SV106/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
CharizardVMAX SV107/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
CentiskorchV SV108/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
CentiskorchVMAX SV109/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
LaprasV SV110/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
LaprasVMAX SV111/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
ToxtricityV SV112/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
ToxtricityVMAX SV113/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
IndeedeeV SV114/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
FalinksV SV115/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
GrimmsnarlV SV116/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
GrimmsnarlVMAX SV117/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
DittoV SV118/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
DittoVMAX SV119/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
DubwoolV SV120/SV122 Rare Shiny GX
EternatusV SV121/SV122 Rare Secret
EternatusVMAX SV122/SV122 Rare Secret

There we have it, all up to date on the Shining Fates expansion. We hope you have enjoyed our predictions and wish all our customers old and new all the best with your quest to gather shiny Pokémon.

N.B Prices true at publication, subject to change.

Until next time, thank you for joining us at Titan Cards.