Buy List: Sell us your coins, cards codes and pins!

Welcome to our buy list, where you can offer to sell us a range of cards and codes that might currently be sought after by Titan Cards. Please note from the off that we only accept mint-near mint cards.

What we're currently looking for:

Pokemon Cards

Trainer Cards
Choice Band 121/145 Reverse Holo from Sun & Moon: Guardian's Rising £1.50/card
Field Blower 125/145 Reverse Holo from Sun & Moon: Guardian's Rising £0.50/card
Cynthia 119/156 Reverse Holo from Sun & Moon: Ultra Prism £2.50/card
Cynthia 119/156 from Sun & Moon: Ultra Prism £1.50/card
Acerola 112/147 Reverse Holo from Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows £0.50/card
Guzma 115/147 Reverse Holo from Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows £1.50/card
Evosoda 116/146 Reverse Holo from XY Base Set £1.50/card
Sudowoodo 67/122 Reverse Holo from XY BreakPoint £0.50/card
Sudowoodo 67/122 from XY BreakPoint £0.30/card
Float Stone 137/162 Reverse Holo from XY BreakPoint £0.50/card
Float Stone 137/162 from XY BreakPoint £0.50/card
Parallel City 145/162 Reverse Holo from XY BreakThrough £1.00/card
N 105/124 Reverse Holo from XY Fates Collide £1.20/card
N 105/124 from XY Fates Collide £1.00/card

Other Cards
Lisia Full Art 164/168 - Celestial Storm - £12.00/card
Lillie Full Art 151/156 - Ultra Prism - £12.00/card

We are also after the following cards from older Pokemon sets
Neo Series rare cards including Neo Genesis, Neo Destiny, Neo Discovery and Neo Revelation £1.00/card for rares and £2.00/card for rare holos
We can also take common/uncommon cards for these sets at £0.20/card

Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge rare cards £1.00/card for rares and £2.00/card for rare holos
We can also take common/uncommon cards for these sets at £0.20/card

We are also potentially interested in EX Series cards including EX Ruby Sapphire, EX SandStorm, EX Fire Red & Leaf Green, Skyridge, Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, EX Dragon, Team Magma and Team Aqua, Hidden Legends etc. Again we are paying £1.00/rare card for these sets, £1.50/rare holo card.

Pokemon Codes

Black & White Series codes £0.25/code
Sun & Moon Base Set codes £0.10/code
Sun & Moon Guardians Rising codes £0.35/code
Sun & Moon Burning Shadows £0.14/code
Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion £0.14/code
Sun & Moon Ultra Prism codes £0.20/code
Sun & Moon Forbidden Light codes £0.20/code
Sun & Moon Celestial Storm codes £0.20/code
XY Breakpoint £0.15/code
XY Ancient Origins £0.12/code
XY Phantom Forces £0.12/code
Theme Deck codes - dependent on deck, please inquire for more information

Pokemon TCG Flipping Coins & Pin Badges

We offer a rate of £0.50 per Flipping Coin and £1.00 per Pin Badge. Like the cards these should be in near mint - mint condition. Please contact us to see if we are currently buying the types of coins, pins that you have to sell.

Got what we need? Here's how to sell your cards, coins, pins and codes to us

First please read the rules:

1. We only accept mint condition cards. It is not possible for us to take cards in any other condition as it stops us from being able to sell them to our customers. They should be pretty much pack fresh mint with no wear to corners, edges and contain no scuffs or scratches, creases or bends. In the case of holo cards they should have no scratching to the holo background either.  There should not be any other form of wear, discoloration, fading or water damage.
2. Please check the cards edges, corners, front AND back and apply 1. - the condition of the back, sides, corners should be as good as of the front. Once you have a list of all the cards which are suitable for sale please contact us on for further instruction and we will offer provisional acceptance (pending card inspection) and give you address details etc to send to.
3. Should poor condition/damaged cards be sent to us, return postage will be at your expense. Please do not send in bad condition cards as it wastes both your time and ours.
4. Cards will be hand checked on arrival by someone with years of TCG experience and payment will only be made after succesful inspection of each card.
5. On rare occasion we may accept some but not all of the cards, in which case we will contact & give you the final decision on whether or not you wish to proceed with the transaction.

Preparing to send your parcel
We recommend sending cards as well packaged as possible to avoid damage in transit, it would be frustrating for all concerned to send good cards badly packed and have them reach us in a lesser condition and unable to complete the transaction. Here is what we recommend:-

1. Send valuable cards and rare cards in soft sleeves & toploaders to protect them in transit
2. Send less valuable cards in sturdy cardboard boxes but avoid the use of elastic bands and tape as these can damage cards.
3. Make sure that the parcel is secure, and that cards cannot fall out of boxes during transit etc.
4. Please do NOT send us cards in binders or 9 pocket pages as this increases the time it takes to receive and inspect your cards.

We strongly recommend using a tracked or signed for method of postage such as Royal Mail Tracked, Royal Mail Signed for or Royal Mail Special Delivery. If you are not used to sending items in the post, your local post office will be able to help and they will advise the best secure and cost effective method to send the cards based on the specifics of your parcel.

More information can be found at Royal Mail's Price Finder tool (

Once we have received and inspected cards and found them to be in satisfactory condition we will process a Payment by one of the following methods:-

- Bank Transfer
- PayPal
- Store Credit (10% bonus on top of the agreed amount)

Titan Cards retain the right to refuse any buy list orders at our sole discretion.