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Since Pokémania began the franchise has gone from strength to strength, and the trading card game is no exception.

Pokemon Cards and the Pokemon TCG have become an extremely popular part of the world of Trading Card Game's since they initially exploded onto the scene in the 90s.

Since then there have been more than 70 expansions to the card game as well as countless releases of Theme Decks, Collection Boxes and Blister Packs; many of which containing their own exclusive promo cards, code cards, pin badges or collectible flipping coins. Here at Titan Cards we offer a wide selection of all of these products at competitive prices for you to purchase online.

Why not bolster your deck with a powerful EX or GX card from our Card Singles selection to really hammer it home in your next battles? We also offer a range of TCG Accessories such as soft sleeves and toploaders to help you keep your favourite Pokemon Cards in the best condition.

Titan Cards Pokemon Energy Card Bundle
The Titan Cards Pokemon Energy Card Bundle contains 45 energy cards in total, you'll get 5 for each type: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Steel and Fairy. All cards are pack fresh near mint. Energy Cards could be from Sun & Moon era or Sword & Shield era but will all ..
Ex VAT:£3.54
Titan Cards Pokemon Mystery Bundle (100 Cards + Bonus Gift)
The Titan Cards Pokemon Mystery Bundles are great gifts for young Pokemon fans or someone looking to get into Pokemon Cards again. Each bundle contains 100 Cards which will comprise 75x uncommon and common Pokemon Monster Cards, 15x Trainer Cards and 5x Energy Cards. All the cards included are pack ..
Ex VAT:£12.99
Pokemon Card Gift Box w/ Rares, Limited Release Holo, Game Coin + Bonus
An awesome little Pokemon Christmas Gift. This item contains an exclusive sealed pack of Pokemon cards (23 cards in total) which includes 3+ rare non holo cards, 1 special limited release holographic Pokemon Card with the remaining cards comprising Evolution chains as well as useful/playable trainer..
Ex VAT:£9.99
Pokemon Gold Mystery Box (Big)
Our Gold Pokemon Mystery Boxes contain Pokemon Booster Packs as well as additional mystery items such as Elite Trainer Boxes, Collection Boxes, Tins, Theme Decks, Mini Portfolio's, Trading Card Game accessories, EX/GX/V/Promo Cards, Books, Pin Badges, Flip Coins, Online Codes, 25-Card Pre-Release Ev..
Ex VAT:£83.33
Pokemon Mini Mystery Box
Our mini Pokemon Mystery Boxes contain 3x Pokemon TCG Booster Packs from random sets plus an extra item such as an EX, GX or V card or perhaps pin badges, coins, code cards, book etc. All products included are new and authentic. Mystery Boxes are pre-packed and contents are randomly comprised of ite..
Ex VAT:£16.66
Pokemon Silver Mystery Box (Medium)
Our Silver Pokemon Mystery Boxes contain a number of booster packs from various different Pokemon sets, as well as additional items such as blister packs, theme decks, pin badges, Mini Portfolio's, Trading Card Game accessories, code cards, 5x rare cards, books, 25-Card Evolution Packs, flip co..
Ex VAT:£41.66
Our Titan Class Mystery box is our biggest and baddest Pokemon Mystery Box. This box can contain Pokemon Booster Packs, Blister Packs, Theme Decks, Elite Trainer Boxes, Other Boxed Pokemon Products, Sealed Tins, Mini Figures, Pin Badges, Flip Coins, EX/GX/V/Full Art/VMAX/Promo Cards, Books and more...
Ex VAT:£204.16
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