Shining Fates- Our Predicted Top 5 Most Valuable Cards!

Welcome to Titan Cards’ edition of our predicted Top 5 most valuable Pokémon cards for Shining Fates. Coming up we will endeavour to establish what we believe will be the most valuable pulls in the Shining Fates set. 

Number 5- Shiny Ditto VMAX

In at 5 is the shiny Ditto VMAX. Selling around $42 dollars which roughly translates to 30GBP. We believe this is set to be desirable as it’s the first of its kind and a popular Pokémon among collectors and game players alike. Fan fact about Ditto: While its transformation ability allows it to get along with almost anything, it does not get along with its own kind. 

Number 4- Shiny Suicune
This legendary dog is currently selling at around $50 so that’s around 36GBP give or take a few pence. Its popularity could be down to it being one of the earlier Pokémon or just purely for its legendary status. Fan fact about Suicune: Suicune has the power to walk across water and purify dirty water with one touch. In the anime, Suicune is heroic, serious, and calm during dangerous situations.

Number 3- a 4-way tie between Eternatus V and VMAX, Zacian V and Zamazenta V.
Now I know we said in our previous article that these cards were selling for around $50, well now they have shot up to a whopping $100 a card, that’s around 72GBP. Not only are these cards a collector must have, the Zacian card in particular is popular as it is a favourite to use in competitive decks. Fan fact about Zacian: When together with Zamazenta it can negate the power of Eternatus, even in its Eternamax state. 

Number 2- Marnie Full Art Trainer Card

Not surprising this card has made the Top 5, as Marnie is a popular trainer within the Pokémon TCG universe. $140, around 100GBP is what you’ll need to fork out for a mint condition of this card. There have been some sales of this card going for a higher price, therefore it is unlikely that this card will retail any lower than this. Fan fact about Marnie: Marnie is unable to smile, she seems to not be able to smile without physically moving her cheeks with her hands. 

 Number 1- Shiny Charizard VMAX

At number 1, of course it’s the shiny Charizard VMAX. This card is selling between $300-$600 depending on the seller. This equates to around 215-435GBP. We feel this card will be very sought after for grading; a PSA 10 graded shiny Charizard VMAX could be sold for over 1000GBP, however this is all dependent on what fans are willing to pay. As past experiences go sellers will probably have a line of willing recipients ready to part with their money for this awesome collectible. Fan fact about Charizard: It has two Mega Evolved forms, Mega Charizard X and Y. 

N.B. We realise that some sellers and youtubers alike have placed the Shiny Charizard V in their top most valuable cards of Shining Fates, however as this card was featured in Champions Path we are unsure if we are likely to see a repeat of this card in this set. If it does so happen to be featured then we would estimate that it would place at number 2 in our top 5. 

There we have it, Titan Cards’ Top 5 predicted most valuable Pokémon cards of Shining Fates. Be sure to check out our next related article post release of the set.